“Philos”: Athens International Airport’s new digital assistant

Philos is a virtual assistant whose function is to help travelers passing through Athens International Airport. He is seen informing airport users with the help of artificial intelligence about issues regarding their trip, and of course Covid-19. Philos understands both Greek and English.


Philos introduces himself through the airport’s website and is ready to answer travelers’ questions in an interactive form of communication that will help users in a speedy and friendly manner before or after their flight. Meanwhile Philos will continue to be upgraded during this first, pilot phase of his virtual life.


In the context of the digital transformation of AIA, SmartRep created Philos by using natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology, whereas soon this virtual assistant will be available through more digital channels.


Since April 2021, Philos has answered more than 120.000 questions 63% of which where made on off working hours.